Carrie McMahon, 20, Founder, This Fit Chick

Carrie McMahon. Top 30 Under 30.

Carrie McMahon is not one to hand out a strict diet plan or extreme workout regimes to her clients. A mentality like that, she insists, can lead to disordered relationships with food and exercise. Instead, Carrie’s goal is to help women learn how to get the body they want without endless hours of cardio and low calorie diets. Her nutrition counciling is based on a flexible, macros based diet, allowing clients to enjoy their lives while still achieving their fitness goals. “Embarking on a completely new lifestyle is tough,” she says, “and I get that, so I am someone they can come to when they are struggling.


Boris Martin, 22, Co-Founder, Velofix Holdings Ltd.

Boris Martin. Top 30 Under 30.

Martin, together with business partners Davide Xausa and Chris Guillemet, created Velofix, a mobile bike shop in the back of a van for on-site repairs. Each of Velofix’s GPS-tracked vans is equipped to update inventory and online appointments in real time. Martin has franchised the business, and trucks are now operating in Victoria and Calgary, as well as in Metro Vancouver.