Maximilian Kuss, 27, Founder, European Media Holding AG

Maximilian Kuss. Top 30 Under 30.

Used the proceeds of a gaming company and software publisher he helped found to start European Media Holding, an investing vehicle that now manages 250 million euros and looks to merge digital technologies with “old economy” companies. In September, online tire retailer Tirendo, in which EMH was a founding shareholder, sold for 50 million euros to publicly traded Delticom, in which EMH later took a substantial equity stake.


Fred Ehrsam, 25, Cofounder, Coinbase

Fred Ehrsam. Top 30 Under 30.

As Bitcoin gradually becomes a mainstream phenomenon, Coinbase is trying to make it easy to use. The former Goldman Sachs currency trader is attempting to build “the PayPal for Bitcoin”; Coinbase is trying to make cryptocurrency accessible to the everyday consumer and merchant. Has raised $30 million from high profile VCs like Andreessen Horowitz, making it the top-funded Bitcoin start-up.